Secrets of a Duchess is a full service salon specializing in wigs, hair pieces & extensions for people experiencing hair loss. We carry the most extensive selection of quality wigs and hair extensions in Western North Carolina. Our clientele includes people who suffer from genetic hair loss and alopecia as well as those who have lost their hair due to illness from cancer and chemotherapy treatments.

We are privileged to be able to donate many wigs and services to people who are less fortunate. Our motto is that “No One Should Go Hairless”. Donations and money are accepted from customers and suppliers; we’re always looking for more of both. Secrets of a Duchess also welcome the LGBTQ community, and we help many transgender folks find the right wig for them.

We'd love to welcome you into the shop. We're sure you'll find our customer service unbeatable. Let us help you find the right wig! We serve a lot of people who are just buying for fun, and we serve those who have to wear wigs. Which category are you in? Let's find out!

After years of intending to visit Secrets of a Duchess, just to tell Judy how much I admire her work, I finally did it. I wanted to cheer her on for helping embattled women.

No sooner did I step into the shop than I was under the power of her intense joy. I couldn’t resist buying a few items in the consignment shop, which features reasonably priced, nice (think: J.Jill and Elan) women’s clothes. I noted the clean, well-appointed salon for the next time I need a blow out. And though I’m not the glamorous type, I lingered over the makeup and jewelry like a prospective convert to glamor.

Places like Secrets of a Duchess are rare nowadays. The proprietor was personally interested in matching me up with something I needed. But I felt absolutely no pressure — only joy.

Dear Judy,
Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration. Thanks for everything.