Essential Oils, Fletcher, NC

We offer essential oils from Palmetto Harmony.

You have probably heard of essential oils and the benefits they offer the mind and body as a natural source of relief from many ailments. If you are interested in trying essential oils, it is imperative that you know there are many different grades of essential oils and many knockoff products currently flood the market. Since you get what you pay for when it comes to essential oils, it is essential you make your purchases from a reliable provider.

Essential Oils in Fletcher, North Carolina

At Secrets of a Duchess, we offer essential oils from Palmetto Harmony. We choose to offer essential oils from this provider because they are dedicated to providing high-quality, pure oils at a low cost. Palmetto Harmony also offers a full range of products using their signature CBD essential oil, which include capsules, suppositories, vape oil, topicals, and even pet products.

This company was founded by families that were looking for alternatives to modern medicine to help their special needs children. All essential oils in this product lineup undergo rigorous testing to ensure levels of cannabinoid content, terpenes, microbials, herbicides, and other components. You can request this testing information if you desire it.

If you are looking for quality essential oils in the Fletcher, North Carolina area, we cannot say enough good things about Palmetto Harmony. For further information about their lineup of essential oils or anything else, please contact us at Secrets of a Duchess today.

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