Topical Oils, Fletcher, NC

Enhance your health with topical oils from Palmetto Harmony.

Find topical oils from Palmetto Harmony at Secrets of a Duchess. We support the Palmetto Harmony brand because it was developed by parents with children who struggle with physical challenges. These parents felt like they had tried everything in the world of modern medicine to help their children, and their lineup of topical oils was a byproduct of their drive to find something that actually worked.

Topical Oils in Fletcher, North Carolina

You can apply topical oils directly to your skin to target areas of pain and discomfort. Specifically, we carry three types of topical oils from Palmetto Harmony:

  1. Psorian Cream
  2. Holy Cannacense
  3. Cannacense

Come into our shop, which serves the Fletcher, North Carolina area, and we will get to know you a little better before recommending our topical oils. In many cases, we recommend purchasing all three of the topical oils we carry because when combined, they provide incredible benefits.

These topical oils are tested by a third-party lab to ensure consistency and most importantly, safety. Palmetto Harmony never cuts corners and always offers solutions that include premium ingredients. All ingredients in these topical oils are grown using organic practices, like using combative pests instead of using pesticides.

Topical oils from Palmetto Harmony have the potential to change your life for the better! Visit us at Secrets of a Duchess today to find out more about the benefits these oils offer. You can also call us directly to speak with a member of our team.

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