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How to Choose Chemo Hats that Work for Your StyleMany women choose to go boldly bald after chemotherapy, while others enjoy scarves, turbans, or wigs. But some like to stick with good old hats! Most often when you think of hats, perhaps you think of large-brim floppy hats or baseball caps, but in truth, hats are surprisingly versatile.

One hat that can easily be used as a chemo hat is a cloche, which covers the entire head while adding a stylish touch to any outfit. Cloche hats, very similar to bucket hats, are typically more chic and were very popular in the 1920s, though they have recently made a large comeback as a popular hat of choice.

The bucket hat, popular for both men and women, is a great hat for outdoor activities and sports to keep the sun off the face and back of neck (and of course your sensitive bald head), but it also comes in a more fashionable form to be worn in casual settings.

Another great option, derived from the military uniforms, is the beret. Though often seen to be worn sitting atop the head, perhaps at an angle, berets are also made to fully cover the head while still giving that slanted, French feel to your attire.

More growing trends include conductor’s hats and also newsboy caps, which come in all types of colors with buttons, bows, pleats, and other small additions to make them suitable for any situation, formal or casual.

These are just a few of the many, many options available in chemo hats. When choosing a hat to wear, remember that you want something versatile that can be worn with many different outfits and situations. Find something that matches your evening and cocktail dresses, and find others that suit your day in the park or your workplace.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to visit a hat shop and ask the employees for assistance choosing in choosing chemo hats. At Secrets of a Duchess, we provide wigs, turbans, hats, scarves, and other head covers for chemo patients, and we are more than happy to help each person find exactly what they need. Serving the Mooresville, North Carolina area, Secrets of a Duchess will help you choose chemo hats that fit your style and keep you comfortable!