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What Is with the Growing Rage to Wear Turbans?Turbans stepped onto the fashion scene in 2012. However, it was not until 2013 that turbans started to be seen on the runways of the most elaborate and well-known fashion shows around the world. The style quickly grew, and celebrities began to wear them, as well, making them become all the rage.

Half turbans and full turbans for casual wear and formal occasions have become a highly sought-after form of headgear. For people who wish to wear hats, wigs, or other head coverings, this is great news! Turbans can be created by wrapping a scarf in just the right way, or can come in premade forms that you can slip over your head quickly and simply. Both options are easy and fun to use, and they are also surprisingly comfortable (more so than many wigs) and are breathable.

Turbans are also great for cancer and chemo patients. The softness of the turban material is gentle on the sensitive skin and head of these patients, and turbans allow for a versatile head covering for those who want something a bit classier than a hat, or can’t find a wig that is comfortable. With the many turban options available, and the style rage still growing, there are many resources to learn how to tie your turban, but the best place to buy one is at Secrets of a Duchess in Mooresville, North Carolina. So come on in and see what we can do for you to keep you in style!