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A Guide to Tying Fashionable Turbans

Turbans have made their way into the fashion world, and many celebrities have been seen wearing them.  Turbans can be worn in several different ways, including decoratively tied on top of the head, or forming the turban into a headband.  Here is a quick guide tying a fashionable turban on your head!

Before tying your turban, tie your hair back into a ponytail or a bun.  Then fold the turban in half lengthwise and lay it on top of your head with the folded part over your forehead.  The sides of the turban should be hanging down over the front of your shoulders.

Now you are ready to tie and style the turban. First, get hold of the turban on each side at about ear level and twist the sides tightly enough to keep the turban firmly on your head.  Be careful not to twist too tightly or too loosely—you want to make sure turbans fit your head just right.

Next, glide your hands down the length of each twisted end, about ten inches.  Pull them behind your head, then switch hands and overlay one end on top of the other.  Take the ends forward along the side of your head and above your ears. Cross each cloth length over your forehead and wrap them near the back. Then create the desired height of the turban by tying it in front. Tie each length of cloth like a shoelace, and then tuck the remaining ends inside the bottom.  If the ends are still too long, wrap them around your head again.

Now you can enjoy wearing fashionable turbans whenever you want! Stop by Secrets of a Duchess in Asheville, North Carolina today, and we can help you pick out the perfect turbans.