More Than Pampering: 4 Benefits of Massage Therapy

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When you think of a visit to the spa, what comes to mind? Many of us conjure up images of things like massages or people with cucumber slices over their eyes. While these things are certainly true about many trips to the spa, massage therapy is more than just a pampering option that you can get at a spa. In fact, many people enjoy massage therapy as its own practice or in conjunction with other therapies. Massage therapy goes beyond pampering in many different ways and has many benefits, including:

1.  Increased flexibility. When your muscles are warm and pliable after a massage, then you can expect to enjoy some of the increased flexibility that follows a massage.

More Than Pampering: 4 Benefits of Massage Therapy

2.  Faster healing from injury. When you are injured, whether it’s a minor or severe injury, massage can help loosen muscles that are tight or decrease knots in the injured area. Because massage therapy also increases blood flow to injured areas, these areas can loosen and heal faster.

3.  Lower instances of anxiety and stress. After a massage, it is not uncommon to hear people say, “Wow, I didn’t know how much I needed that!” We exhibit physical signs of stress often in our muscles with knots, tightened shoulders, back pain and tension headaches. Massage therapy helps to relieve these issues.

4.  Increased sports performance. Athletes are often breaking down muscles in order to further strengthen their performance. This can lead to a lot of painful tightness or micro-tears in the muscles. Massage therapy helps rid the body of these knots while also speeding healing, which in turn increases a person’s sports performance.

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