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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Stop by Our Wig ShopWigs are a great way to express yourself! Whether you need them because of hair loss or not, wig wearing can help you completely transform yourself into someone else. Sometimes wig wearing is a necessity, but it can also be a lot of fun! Being able to experiment with a bunch of different styles and colors at the wig shop can be liberating and give you a much-needed self-esteem boost. Here are 10 reasons why wigs and wig wearing can be fun that will have you rushing off to the wig shop at Secrets of a Duchess in Asheville, North Carolina to get one of your very own!

  1. Social experimentation! It’s fun to find out if people treat you differently if you are a red head one weekend and a blonde the next.
  2. Ability to be anonymous! If you’re into online services such as chat roulette, sometimes being anonymous is a great thing! Wearing a wig can help you pull off that perfect disguise just in case you accidentally bump into someone you may know online or anywhere else.
  3. Instant change! If your hair is short, you can instantly make it long after a trip to the wig shop. If your hair is dark, you can instantly become a blonde. Anything is possible with a wig, and visiting a wig shop will show you just how many options there are available for you to have a different look every day of the week!
  4. Fulfill a desire! Wearing a wig doesn’t have to be for a reason. Sometimes you wear a wig just because – and that’s completely okay!
  5. Dare to do it! Dare your husband or a friend to take the plunge into wig wearing. You never know how the night will turn out once you put a wig on someone and get them outside their comfort zone.
  6. Role Play! Sometimes you just want to pretend to be someone else, and a wig can help you do that! Visit a wig shop with a vision in mind of who you want to become and pick the perfect wig to achieve that fantasy.
  7. Have Hair! No matter what the circumstances, sometimes you are left with thinning hair or hair loss. If you can’t fathom venturing out into public without hair, visit a wig shop to get fitted for a wig, and get back to feeling normal and self-confident again!
  8. Quick Fix! Sometimes you just can’t win on a bad hair day. If your natural hair is acting unruly, throw a wig on to tame those tresses and make every day a good hair day.
  9. Keep it on the Down Low! Sometimes you just want to be incognito. If you’re into playing the spy game, one of the best ways to disguise your look is with a great wig.
  10. Trick or Treat! Of course, one of the more popular reasons to wear a wig is to dress up for Halloween or another costume event. Dressing up in a costume complete with a wig can really transform you into something extra ordinary for the holiday season!