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Wig Styling in Asheville, North Caroliina
You know better than anyone that the way your hair looks plays a big role in your self-confidence. If you want your wig to help you look your best every time you step out your front door, we want you to take advantage of our wig styling services at Secrets of a Duchess, We take special care with every wig we style to ensure that it exudes beauty and that the hair looks completely natural.

As part of our wig styling services, we provide a preliminary consultation. During this consultation, you can let us know what you want your wig to look like after we are done styling it. This is also a great time to show us any pictures you have come across of hairstyles you like, so we have a point of reference to go off of. Once we are done consulting, you leave your wig with us, we give you a timeframe, and we start styling your wig with perfection.

The highly trained professionals at our salon in Asheville, North Carolina realize your wig is an investment that you want to preserve for years to come. For this reason, we will be diligent about taking care of your wig during the styling process and only doing what you have instructed. If we have questions or concerns along the way, we will make sure to contact you.

For more information about the wig styling process and our related services, contact us at Secrets of a Duchess today. We look forward to hearing from you!