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Wigs for Cancer Patients: Choosing a Style Before ChemotherapyIf you or someone you know has cancer and will be going through chemotherapy, you know that it is going to be an extremely difficult time. Though it is tough to be prepared for it, there is at least one thing you can do to prepare.  Many cancer patients wear a wig when they lose their hair while undergoing chemotherapy, so it is a good idea to buy one before the treatment starts.

Here is a quick guide to choosing wigs for cancer patients.

The first thing to do is to visit a salon that is known to have a variety of available wigs for cancer patients, like Secrets of a Duchess in Asheville, North Carolina. The stylists at the salon can measure your head for a wig so you will know what size you need.  While at the salon, try on several wigs of different styles and colors and bring a friend along to take photos that you can look at later. Make note of the types of wigs that you like the look and feel of, and also take note of the price. This research will help you when you are ready to make your wig purchase.

After you have visited the salon with wigs for cancer patients, make a budget for your wig purchase.  hen look at the notes and pictures you took and see what wigs you liked best that will fit in that budget.  It is a good idea to have at least two wigs that you like and will be comfortable and happy wearing.