Women’s Wigs in Asheville, NC: Should You Choose Human Hair or Synthetic Hair?

women's wigs

If you or someone you know is in the market for women’s wigs, there are two main options: human hair and synthetic hair.  Which one is better? The answer is that it all depends on personal preference and budget.  Here is some helpful information about both types women’s wigs.

Human hair women’s wigs are known for having a more natural look and feel, but they are the more expensive option.  With proper care, human hair women’s wigs are usually more durable and can last over a year. Products specifically formulated for highly processed human hair must be used, and you must hydrate and condition the hair daily. The main drawback of this type, besides the price, is the required maintenance.  Human hair women’s wigs must be styled every day, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your situation.

Synthetic hair wigs have come a long way in the world of women’s wigs.  A lot of times, it is hard to even tell the difference between real hair and synthetic hair.  An advantage of synthetic hair women’s wigs is that they come pre-styled and ready to wear. With that advantage, you can probably purchase a couple of different styles if you want some versatility, since they are the less expensive option.  With proper care, synthetic hair wigs last about four to six months.

Both of these options for women’s wigs are great, so the next step is to go check them out in person before making any final decisions.  Stop by Secrets of a Duchess in Asheville, North Carolina and speak to one of our experts on women’s wigs—we’d be glad to help you choose the perfect one!