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At Secrets of a Duchess in Asheville, NC, We Built Our Business Into Being More Then Just a Salon, Gift Store or Thrift Shop!

Thrift ShopThrift Shop – There was a time when the favorite place in town was the one where people could gather and kill some time sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes it was the park or a coffee shop. For some men, it was the bait and tackle shop or a local bar. At Secrets of a Duchess, we believe that time may have changed, but people have not – we still love to spend time with others!

It is on this belief that we built our business into being more than just a salon, more than just a wig shop, more than just a thrift shop. We wanted a place that put all that together to give people a place to feel comfortable. We feel we have accomplished that, and we invite you to come to our thrift shop or stop by the salon and see the wonderful tiaras, jewelry, and whimsical and useful gifts we have for sale. Stick around for a salon service or see what’s new in the world of wigs.

Secrets of a Duchess is located in Asheville, NC, and customers from all around are always welcome to browse the thrift store and see just what being part of a friendly business is all about.

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