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About Secrets of a Duchess

About Us

Wig Shop – We have all seen our favorite television and movie celebrities sporting one beautiful hairstyle after another and woefully wished we could have our own private stylist on call 24/7. What most people don’t know is that some of those celebrities actually use wigs from a wig shop for some of those styles – especially the ones that you notice have a new style every time you see them. At Secrets of a Duchess wig shop in Asheville, North Carolina, we believe everyone can enjoy the pleasant benefit of an instant style that a wig affords.

We carry many brand-name men’s and women’s wigs, including hand-tied wigs and lace front wigs. Wigs can not only be used for instant hairstyle changes but also to make up for various hair loss or thinning issues. We carry wigs for cancer patients as well as chemo hats and turbans to help you look your best, even if times are difficult.

Besides providing the wigs themselves, we also provide extra services, including the initial wig fitting and wig styling as well as cleaning. Imagine the time saver of dropping off your wig to be cleaned and picking it up later! Many of our Asheville wig shop customers actually own a number of wigs so they can wear one while others are being cleaned and restyled in our wig shop.

Come in to see our wig shop in Asheville NC at Secrets of a Duchess and find out how wonderful today’s wigs are. If you haven’t browsed our wig shop lately, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

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