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Wig Fittings

Fitting you for the Perfect Wig

We would love to help you find the right wig... for you. In fact, it's what we do best! Contact us about setting up a time to come in and work with Judi on finding the right color, length, style, and size that fits your needs.

3 Ways a Wig Can Help You Regain Your Confidence

For many people, hair says a lot about their own personal look and can even be part of their identity. At Secrets of a Duchess, we understand how people can use their hair as a fashion statement, accessory or just part of their everyday look. Our hair styling services are ready to help you feel confident in your hair- even if your current style, texture or amount of hair is changing. We are here to help you transition styles with grace and poise, and we are prepared to help you regain your confidence in a variety of different ways, including the following:

  1. Choosing wigs. When your hair is thinning due to natural reasons, cancer treatments or you just want to try a different look, our team of professionals is ready to help you with the process of choosing wigs. We can show you how to put them on, how to choose styles, and how to wear them so they won’t slip, slide or wiggle around.
  2. Selecting cuts that work for your style. Cutting your hair isn’t always easy, and the stylist/client relationship is an important one! When you work with our hair styling services, we can help you find cuts that will work for your maintenance and styling preferences.
  3. Helping you embrace your natural hair. There are many people out there who are more interested in embracing their natural hair. Whether you have curly hair, grays, or hair that is hard to style, we can help you find the best options to treat and bring out the best in your natural hair.

If you have questions about our wig or hair styling services, we would love to help you! Please contact us today to learn more or to make an appointment.

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