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Choosing the Right Wig

Not every chemo patient likes to wear wigs, but others feel more comfortable with the option of these accessories. The important thing is for each chemo patient to be comfortable. However, if you are one of those people who would like to wear a wig after losing your hair, now is the time and place to decide what suits you.

The beauty of wearing a wig is that for once in your life, you don’t have to do your hair the same way you always have, or even make it your natural color. Have fun with your wigs! There are so many options for wigs for women that it’s worth looking through them all. Choose a style that’s very different from your natural hair and give it a try. Get a few wigs of different colors, and experiment with the fun new things you could do to your hair when it grows back. Or, of course, if you want a wig that looks exactly like your old hair used to look, you can find a wig to match the color, length, style, etc. to make you feel comfortable again.

When buying a wig, it is best if you can go to a wig shop and check them out before you start losing your hair. But even if you have already started chemo treatments, it’s not too late!

At Secrets of a Duchess, we are more than happy to help you choose the perfect style from our large selection of wigs for women, whether you have lost your hair already or are just facing the prospect. Contact us today to see what we have to offer—seeing our wigs in person and testing them is important because sometimes certain wigs can be uncomfortable, and if you hope to wear it at all times, you want one that works work well with your face shape and doesn’t itch. We can also help you style your wig so it looks more natural on your head.

Most of our wigs for women are made with synthetic fibers requiring less maintenance. They still look and feel natural. Or of course, if you do not prefer to wear a wig, we also carry scarfs, turbans, and hats. Every option is certainly acceptable. The important thing is to make sure each and every chemo patient is comfortable and confident in whatever they choose.

Common Wig Styles

Short Wigs

Pixie and bob wigs are small, stylish, easy to take care of, and light. They're a great style for a night on the town, or a daily driver.

Medium Wigs

Medium wigs are practical, and very good at simulating common styles. They can look natural and stylish. Great for everyday use.

Long Wigs

Long wigs are stylish and exciting. Choose the style that fits your mood... whether is for a night on the town, or just an exotic look.

Fun Wigs

Add some color and style to your life with some fun wigs! Want to have purple or red hair, but not dye it? These wigs are for you!

Sizing for Wigs

You want your wig to fit well and be comfortable. Finding the right wig size is important. Although many customers are the "average" size, having a personal wig fitting is best to help you find the right size and style for you! Also, almost all wigs come with adjustable pull-straps to help your wig fit snugly on your scalp.

Child/Petite19 inches
Petite12 inches
Petite/Average21.5 iches
Average22 inches
Large23 inches
Let Us Help You Find the Right Wig!
It's just as much science as art. Finding the right size, length, color, style and material that fits your needs is our specialty. We love seeing how someone changes with the right choice for them! Not sure what you need... contact us!
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