New Location!
By Appointment Only:
Notice: Judi is retiring soon. Available by appointment only. Weekends too.

Hair (and Wig) Styling

Hair (and Wig) Styling Services – Time for a new ‘do? Visit us at the Secrets of a Duchess in Asheville, NC! We are working from a remote due to the pandemic and work by appointment only. Our hair stylists are friendly and talented and can give you the perfect haircut and style.

Contact us today to schedule your professional wig or hair styling appointment!

If you’re going through difficult cancer treatments that are causing hair loss, we understand. We can help cancer patients pick out the perfect wig that will help them regain their self-esteem and feel a whole lot better about themselves. Or even if you’re not experiencing hair loss, we can help you choose a fun hand-tied or lace-front wig that will give you a totally new look without doing anything permanent to your real hair. Best yet, our professional salon hair stylists are specifically trained in wig styling, so they can cut and style your new wig so no one else will be able to tell it’s not your natural hair.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Wig!
It's just as much science as art. Finding the right size, length, color, style and material that fits your needs is our specialty. We love seeing how someone changes with the right choice for them! Not sure what you need... contact us!

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